Susan’s quarter-scale wedding dress

When we first saw the Susan’s wedding dress at The Little Costume Shop, our first thoughts were how we could precisely portray the embroidered roses on the bodice and skirt panels. Had we embroidered them in quarter scale, we would have not been able to achieve every last detail, it would have become too thick and heavy, so after much deliberation, we decided to hand paint each rose individually to see every last stitch. This worked beautifully, and despite being a different technique to the one used on the full scale wedding dress, it reflected the original to perfection and we are extremely proud of the result!

The miniature dress is made from a gorgeous lightweight ivory duchesse silk satin with net petticoats underneath. We think our pictures speak for themselves!

When the wedding dress miniature was delivered to Susan Ruddick as a 12th anniversary present from her husband, their comment was simply “WE LOVE IT!!!”